Which Mode of Education Will You Choose? A Traditional or an Online Education System

With time and the evolvement of technology, there is a change in the education system. Now we have different modes of education, i.e., traditional teaching, distance learning, and online courses. All have their own importance, and all will equally help us provide us with an outstanding level of education and get better employment opportunities. The traditional model of education is still the most popular and the most expensive of all. Distance learning is not very popular as it doesn’t give the best mode of education for the students and lacks knowledge. However, online courses are getting more and more popular with each passing day and are also less expensive and, in some cases, even is free.

Neglecting distance learning for this post only, we can compare the traditional and the online mode of education. A student enrolled in an online method of education can get education from short courses to degree programs. In contrast, a traditional way of teaching, for sure, will provide every type of education to every class of student. There are online universities, colleges, and other institutes providing online courses, and then there are regular institutes providing education to both the traditional and the online students. The choice of education is up to the student. The student can get education through any medium, and that all depends on the availability of the student.

The case for a traditional model of education

Traditional education is the oldest and the most common way of getting an education, and it’s also the recommended way of studying for young students. We can look at the pros and cons of this mode of education to know it better:


  • One-to-one interaction between the teacher and the student. It’s easy to deliver things to the ones sitting in front of you and easy for the students to understand in a better way.
  • The most common way of providing education.
  • Can choose from a number of options.
  • The more preferable by all, i.e., the students, the teachers, parents, and the government.
  • Education along with other facilities like cafeterias, libraries, sport, and other recreational activities.


  • Education is expensive, especially in institutes where the standards, quality, and education system are higher.
  • Students can have to travel long distances to reach their educational institutes and sometimes even have to move to other locations to get a good standard of education. This will also increase their expenses.
  • Not very suitable for students doing a full-time job.
  • Not much is flexible in terms of study hours.

The case of an online mode of education

Not very new, but as compared to the traditional education model is new. This too has its own pros and cons, and these must be kept into considerations before opting for any online course:


  • Usually cheaper than the traditional education system, as the cost is minimized to the lowest level.
  • A good but less practical mode of interaction between a teacher and a student.
  • The option to get education from any online institute, no matter how far that institute is. This will minimize the cost of traveling and other expenses.
  • Is more suitable for people in full-time employment.
  • A vast option for online courses is available for students seeking education through the online mode.
  • Flexibility in the study hours.


  • Students cannot get the facility of any recreational and sports activities a traditional student can get.
  • As this mode requires an internet connection and a computer system, which are meant to be affected by any natural or unnatural cause, their education can be affected badly.
  • Not preferable by everyone and is not very effective as compared to the traditional model of education.
  • Although vast online courses are available still there is a limitation on this. You can’t become a practicing surgeon or a doctor through getting an education by this mode of instruction.

This is just a short review of the traditional and the online mode of the education system, a much vast comparison can be made, and then the conclusion can be made in choosing the best education system. Each of these systems has its own benefits and drawbacks, which will also differ for every type of education seeker.

Education is what we need to grow, succeed and become good citizens. But education is not available to everyone, nor can everyone find time to get higher education, no matter how eager they are, as there are many constraints. Find ease and comfort while getting education through online courses, as they are cheap, flexible, and offers a vast field for everyone. QS Course Finder is an online source where one can easily find an online and offline courses.

Tyson Houlding
Tyson Houlding is a 28-year-old associate at a law firm who enjoys walking, writing, and learning new languages. He is creative and bright, but can also be very unfriendly and a bit lazy.He is an Australian Christian who defines himself as straight. He has a post-graduate degree in law.