LIVE UPDATES: Israel, Egypt discuss strengthening cease-fire with Hamas

On Friday, Israel and Egypt’s foreign ministers discussed solidifying the tenuous cease-fire agreed upon by Israel and Hamas after 11 days of deadly fighting.

Fast Facts

    • The Israeli-Hamas conflict lasted for 11 days, and more than 240 people were killed in total.
    • Egypt brokered the cease-fire that began at 2 a.m. Friday

The cease-fire, brokered by Egypt, went into effect at 2 a.m. Friday local time and has held in the hours since.

A statement from Egypt’s foreign ministry said Egypt’s Minister Sameh Shukry and Israel’s Minister Gabi Ashkenazi discussed Gaza’s recovery as well as the importance of coordination between the two nations, the Palestinian Authority and international partners on securing communication channels to achieve peace.

Hundreds of people died in the conflict, with most of the casualties on the Palestinian side.

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