Hurricane Ida: What to know about driving during floods

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Hurricane Ida is bringing widespread flooding to the Gulf Coast, and there could be much more to come as it makes its way across the southeastern U.S. over the next few days.

Hurricane Ida has caused widespread flooding across the Gulf Coast.

If you’re in its path or anywhere experiencing flooding, most safety experts recommend that you don’t even try to go out and drive until the weather clears. The waters subside, but if you find yourself on the road as conditions worsen, here are a few tips from AAA and Progressive Insurance on dealing with the situation.

-Unless instructed by authorities, avoid driving through standing water. There’s often no way to know how deep it is, and dangerous obstacles may be hidden underneath.

-If you have no alternative other than to drive through deep water, go slowly to avoid creating a bow wave that comes up over your vehicle’s hood and try to judge it’s depth by monitoring any vehicles in front of you. Leave your seatbelt on as you may strike an unseen obstacle.

-Keep an eye out for floating objects.

-Do not attempt to drive through deep, flowing water. Some cars can be swept away by moving water that’s only a foot deep.


-If you find yourself stuck in quickly rising water, abandon your vehicle and head for the highest ground. Assume the water is contaminated when you do.

-Stay away from downed power lines. Water is a great conductor of electricity, which could lead to injury if you have to evacuate your vehicle.

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