Houston police say crystal meth found in breakfast burrito

According to a report, illegal drugs hidden in breakfast food were found earlier this month by Transportation Security Administration officials at William P. Hobby Airport in Houston.

“Breakfast burritos are delicious, but officers were surprised to find crystal meth inside the one pictured,” the agency wrote on social media.


The smuggling attempt was revealed via an unidentified lump inside the food during a routine x-ray screening of carry-on luggage on April 2. TSA officers asked to inspect it further, requesting the traveler to unwrap it.

Under protest, the traveler unwrapped it, and officers could see a dark object in the middle of the burrito. A second X-ray of the food revealed black tape and a large organic mass, according to KPRC, the NBC-affiliated TV station in Houston.

“I commend the actions of our TSOs and supervisory TSO who noticed something wasn’t quite right and for acting on their instincts. Their attention to detail and follow-up response led to the discovery of crystal meth, a dangerous and illegal substance,” the TSA Federal Security Director Hector Vela said in a statement.

Noting that airport security checkpoints in Houston and across Texas “are seeing significant increases in the number of departing travelers,” Vela said the TSA continues to be “focused on its core security mission to keep travelers safe and secure.”

Authorities noticed black tape and dark wrapping around a sizeable organic mass after the second scan.

The Houston Police Department (HPD) was called in, which determined the lump was crystal meth.

HPD took possession of the drugs and arrested the unidentified traveler.

“We sincerely thank all of our Houston Airports local and federal partners who work tirelessly every day to interdict dangerous contraband from entering or leaving our community,” said Houston Airports Chief of Operations Steven Hennigan. “In this case, TSA officers’ training, awareness and heroic actions, we believe, saved precious lives.”

Tyson Houlding
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