Heavy Duty Chevrolet Suburban in development for the U.S. Government

The Chevrolet Suburban is signing up for the Foreign Service.

GM Defense has signed a $36.5 million contract with the State Department to develop a heavy-duty version of the full-size SUV for government use.

This rendering offers a suggestion of what the heavy-duty Suburban may look like.
(GM Defense)

The updated track is being designed for protective service and will use a unique frame and suspension that can handle the added weight of armoring and other equipment.

GM Defense said it will be raiding the General Motors commercial truck parts bin for the body, powertrain, brakes, and other equipment to bring it up to the required specifications while keeping costs down.

The contract calls for 10 Suburbans to be provided for validation through 2023, when production will commence at a rate of 200 vehicles per year for 9 years.

Details on the type of engines under consideration for use have not been revealed. The latest consumer Suburban went on sale as a 2021 model and can be equipped with either a 5.3-liter V8 or a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6-cylinder diesel.

A heavy-duty version of the previous generation Suburban was available to fleets and commercial customers, but GM doesn’t currently have plans to offer the new government model to private customers.

Tyson Houlding
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