Australian football star charged with assault, forcible touching in NYC hotel attack

An Australian football player and his friend were charged with assault and forcible touching after groping a woman and beating up her male companion.

According to The Daily News, Jordan De Goey, who plays for the Collingwood Football Club in Melbourne, and his friend Luke Dyson, an Australian tattoo artist, were partying at the Dream Hotel’s PDH Rooftop lounge in Manhattan over the weekend. The two men later spotted and approached a woman to dance.


Both men began groping the woman while dancing. The unidentified woman happened to be with a man who was not pleased with the inappropriate touching of the woman.

Police report that in response to his displeasure, the man attempted to push both Dyson and De Goey, leading to an altercation between the three. Dyson then hit the man in the face with a bottle and split his lip. De Goey and Dyson ganged up to attack the man in response to his push.

NYPD was called following the incident, and both De Goy and Dyson were arrested.

According to Australia’s Pedestrian TV, the Australian Football Club revealed they were “aware” of the reports.

“The club is attempting to contact Jordan, who is in the USA, to determine the facts of the matter,” the team said in a statement via email. “The club will not be in a position to comment further until it has done so.”

De Goey, who has a history of sexual assault claims, was previously accused of indecent assault. In that case, the charges were dropped. He began his career with the Collingwood FC team back in 2014.

Both men spent the night in a Manhattan jail following the incident.

Tyson Houlding
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