Amazon Prime Luna Cloud Gaming Service Launches for iPhone and Mac on June 21

Posted by Mahit Huilgol on Jun 14, 2021, in Amazon, News

Last year Amazon announced a cloud gaming service called Luna. Amazon will start offering Luna on a trial basis for anyone with an Amazon Prime account beginning June 21. In other words, iPhone, iPad, macOS users could soon play games via Amazon Prime Luna.

Amazon is starting with a seven-day trial for Luna. It will be available on Amazon Prime Day that falls on June 21 and June 22. Interestingly, those who have enrolled can keep their subscriptions active even after the trial period. Before this, Amazon tested Luna with a limited invite-only invite for Amazon Fire TV users.

Games on Amazon Prime Luna can be played using Luna Controller. As an introductory offer, Amazon is offering a 30% discount on the Luna controller. The controller directly talks with the server, and thus you don’t have to set it up every time for new devices. Amazon Prime Luna will be available via web browser on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Luna is priced at $5.99/month and gives access to titles like Control, Metro Exodus, etc. The gaming service lets you subscribe to the Ubisoft+ beta channel at an additional $14.99/month. This way, you will be able to access the studio’s latest gaming titles.

Our Take

Recently Microsoft announced xCloud availability for iOS devices. It looks like game makers and platforms have finally found a way to bypass App Store’s restrictions. Furthermore, cloud gaming sends data through the web browser, thus effectively eliminating Apple from the equation. A majority of cloud gaming platforms offer subscription bundles similar to Netflix. The difference is that you get access to Luna’s gaming catalog at a monthly subscription. On a related, cloud gaming services negate the need to invest in high-end gaming consoles and rigs. This could help in lowering the entry barrier for serious gaming.

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